23 October-3 November 2019
Fully booked- Taking expressions of interest for 2020

Moroccan Spice: A gorgeous exploration of this amazing country, immersing yourself in a culture that is ancient and mysterious and so wonderfully different from our own.....

Morocco - exotic, beautiful, bustling, ancient and much, much more.  A culture so different from our own that it would take a century to explore it in fine detail.   With Moroccan Spice, our tour immerses you into this amazing culture, to show you a different world that is so alluring.   

We start this fabulous tour in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  This city offers so much to see despite its perceived modernity,  and we begin to learn about this wonderful, ancient culture via its delightful medina......

Then it is onto Fes,  via the imperial city of Meknes and the archaeological UNESCO site of Volubilis. We then arrive into the ancient capital of the first Arab Dynasty of Morocco!  Here there is so much for us to see and to do that we take our time  exploring this fascinating city.  We will also take a day out and offer exciting optional experiences such as a visit to Chefchaouen (the Blue City), or a fun and local cooking class.  Alternatively, you  may choose to visit a spa or hammam. There are so many gorgeous things to do, it will be bliss trying out the fabulous array of things to choose from!

We then head for  Marrakech, one of the most fabulous cities on earth.  Blending ancient and modern experiences, we stay at the beautiful Dar Les Cigognes, visiting the old Medina and souks, and being guided through the old town.  We will also spend time in the more modern area with our very own personal shopper, showing us the ropes of the retail world where many designers create their wares! We head out to the desert and ride camels, watch the sunset, sip champagne, and indulge in a traditional Berber dinner at La Pause, an eco friendly desert camp!  We visit Jardin Majorelle  and the Yves St Laurent Museum and explore some of the contemporary art galleries to round off a fabulous visit.

Our journey then takes us to Essaouria, a beautiful fishing town, now home to many artists', who take their inspiration from the beauty of the surroundings.  On the way we stop for a wine tasting and to learn about the process of the Argan Nut (Moroccan oil anyone?) at a women's co-operative which is always a humbling experience when you hear their stories.    We discover this very different city with a private guide and take time also to explore at your own leisure.

This tour offers a fabulous blend of cultural and culinary delights, alongside much needed down time to recharge the batteries.  The food is amazing, and because this tour includes most meals your spending money is only for spoiling yourself!!!!  How good is that?  Particularly as we get to shop not only in the fabulous souks and Medinas, but also in some of the areas where designers actually have their goods made.  

This tour has been created as a collaboration with Donna, our very own Escape Artist who loves Morocco and all it has to offer.  So you get to enjoy this gorgeous tour, escorted by Donna and in the company of amazing, like-minded Divas! So what are you waiting for?  Book now on 'Moroccan Spice' and come and see Morocco from a Diva point-of-view!

Experience.  Rejuvenate.  Connect.


  • Private guided visits in Rabat, Fes, Marrakech & Essaouria
  • Private wine tasting
  • Private shopping experience
  • Caleche ride to Jardin Marjorelle
  • Art Gallery visits
  • and so much more...

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