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Mountains, medinas, minarets, Marrakesh, Meknes, mrouzia, mint tea and more with Marieke!

This thrilling  itinerary, typical of the style of Art of Living Tours offers sublime and intimate riad and heritage accommodation, deep interaction with the local culture, authentic cuisine and a sense of adventure in an exotic destination that through the centuries has embraced Arabic, Persian, Andalusian and French influences.

Highlights include some wonderful cooking classes, sleeping in the sand dunes under Sahara desert stars, ancient imperial cities, souks, spices and Berber villages, traditional crafts, Moorish gardens, stunning scenery: a tour for the mind and all the senses.

Marieke was the chef/co-proprietor of the famed Howqua Dale Gourmet Retreat and Cooking School for 25 years. Since the early 90’s Marieke has designed and escorted luxury tours to many regions in India, France, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Bali, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Kashmir and beyond.

Marieke is renowned for her meticulous planning and style, passion for experiences beneath the tourist veil, sense of humour and great multidimensional conversation. She is eager to share with you her love of Morocco, first encountered a decade ago during a month of private exploration of deserts, mountains, remote kasbahs, jewellery souks, magical seaside towns and ancient walled cities.

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  • Riad Accommodation
  • Cultural Insights
  • Cooking Classes
  • Sahara Desert
  • Imperials Cities
  • Moorish Gardens
  • Stunning Scenery

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